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Do you want to take your business to the next level with printed carrier bags complete with your company logo or design? Well you've come to the right place!

Want to get an *instant* online quote and top quality products at the lowest prices online? Well you've definitely come to the right place!

Here at Printed Carrier Bags we don't mess about. We'll give you a quote on printed carrier bags in less than 60 seconds! See your design on clear, white or coloured carriers, with five sizes of bag to choose from and bargain prices from just 4p a bag. Get an instant quote now!

Printed carriers - simple, fast and cheap

Our printed carrier bag instant quote wizard is so simple to use. We know how precious your time is, so we've streamlined our service so that we don't waste any of it.

Just enter a few key details about your order - how many bags you want, what size of bag you're looking for, what colour polythene you'd like and whether you want to print on one or both sides of the bag (at no extra cost) - and hit the button to get an instant quote there and then!

No fuss, no bother, no hanging on the end of the phone for a call back or checking your inbox every hour for a reply. We give you a quote that instant and we stick to it.

We have just five popular sizes of carrier bag to choose from - all of them the classic patch handle bag, made from high quality polythene (55 micron thick) for a stronger, smoother and smarter carrier.

This simple, streamlined service means that cut we can focus on what we do best - making quality printed carrier bags at fantastic bargain prices.

We specialise in both high- and low-volume print runs, so we can cater for any size job. Our minimum order of 1,000 bags is great for companies appearing at conferences or trade shows - get a small batch done and show off your company with a smart printed carrier.

Printed Carrier Bags is a specialist website created by Polybags Ltd, the UK's leading manufacturer of polythene packaging. All orders placed via our website are dealt with directly by the Polybags team, which means you get first class products, wholesales prices and Polybags' renowned friendly and efficient customer service.

Of course, if your time is limited or would simply prefer to order ready-made carrier bags without your own design, there is an extensive range of carriers available and in stock at

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Approaching the destination Some print providers have arrived. A big example is REAL Digital International based in South London. In 2004, the company was founded based on the view that transactional and direct mail production could be improved utilising a flexible inkjet solution. They invested heavily in secure premises and great workflow with finishing systems to cut, fold, collate and insert almost anything. They invented 650mm wide high quality colour duplex web inkjet printing by mounting a pair of single pass inkjet presses on a flexible transport system. Further REAL Digital International developed new paper coatings to reach acceptable quality for leading emblems, printing personalised carriers, mailers and magazines. The business proved out the view, winning multiple awards – including the PrintWeek Company of the Year – while inventing new business models as the marketplace matured. They identified inkjet’s potential and went for it, making superb money in the process.

Personalised Carrier Bags - An Essential Part of Our Lives

All above mentioned bags have their advantages and disadvantages, nevertheless cotton carrier bags are the ones that have broadly been preferred by consumers due to the fact that they demonstrate detrimental to the environment. Well paper and plastic carrier bags demonstrate beneficial for one’s use while shopping, nevertheless cotton bags are the ones that are considered “bags for life”. They last for plenty years to come. Personalised carrier bags have proven extremely advantageous to consumer companies and business owners as they let them acquire any specific emblem the maximum credibility and recognition. It’s certainly hard for us to imagine living a adequate life without these bags.

It should be appreciated that to the extent the details of the alternative apparatus referred to or shown herein are not described or shown herein, they form none of the present invention. If such details are desired, reference should be manufactured to one or more of Polybags,388, 815 issued Feb. 14, 1995 to Hill et al. entitled Embossed Card Package Production System With Modular Inserters For Multiple Forms; Polybags,433,364 issued Jul. 18, 1995 entitled Card Package Production System With Burster and Carrier Verification Apparatus; Polybags,494,544 issued on Feb. 27, 1996 to Hill et al. entitled Automatic Verified Embossed Card Package Production Methods; Polybags,509,886 issued Apr. 23, 1996 to Hill et al. entitled Card Package Production System With Modular Carrier Folding Apparatus For Multiple Forms; and Polybags,541,395 issued Jul. 30, 1996 to Hill et al. entitled Card Package Production System With Burster and Code Reader. Reference should also be manufactured to Polybags,548 filed Sep. 23, 1994 (which is a continuation of filewrapper of Ser. No. 08/036,436 filed Mar. 24, 1993) of Hill et al. entitled Card Carrier Forms For Automated Embossed Card Package Production System; Polybags,195 (DYN-11) of Hill et al. entitled Card Inserter With Carrier Folding Apparatus and Method filed contemporaneously herewith; Polybags,685 (DYN-13) of Hill et al. entitled Inserter Module Adaptable For Use With Both Preprinted and In-Line Printed Carriers and Method filed contemporaneously herewith; Polybags,295 (DYN-14) of Hill et al. entitled Printer With Discrete Sheet Load Enhancement Apparatus and Method filed contemporaneously herewith; and Polybags,189 (DYN-15) of Hill et al. entitled Card Package Production System With A Multireader Card Track and Method filed contemporaneously herewith. All these patents and patent applications are hereby incorporated by reference.

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Personalised Carrier Bags

12 Inch Flexi-Loop Carrier Bags, printed to both sides.

Printed Laundry Bags for Sale

Printed Laundry Bags for Sale Printed laundry bags on offer on Polybags

To encourage prospective students, SAIC sends out physical printed mailers annually. We were hired to design a unique part that would capture attention, so we focused on bringing value to the school and highlighting the opportunities waiting with a 9-panel brochure that folded out into a poster.

Custom Printed Mailing Bags Uk

Printed mailing bags have plenty uses, including promoting, printing a return address, launching a emblem, content protection. Mailing bags are lightweight and heavy-duty and come in a assortment of sizes. All our mailing bags are provided with a permanent seal which guarantees content security.

All items are part controlled, individually vacuum-sealed, and blastfrozen for peak freshness, quality and safety. Then all is delivered to your home by our professional drivers in our eco-friendly custom carriers.

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Printed carriers - show your name to the world

Would you like to stand out from the crowd? Get your carrier bags customised with your company logo, brand design or a bespoke message using our personalised printed carrier bag service and show off your name to the world.

Why give out plain, boring, standard carrier bags that just get lost in the crowd and thrown in the bin when your customers get home?

By adding your own brand design to all of the carrier bags that you hand out, not only are you adding a touch of professionalism to your service and giving your customers something to remember you buy - and use over and over again - but you are creating ready-made, walking adverts for your company.

Carrier bag & advert - two birds, one stone!

Carrier bags are an essential tool for thousands of businesses across the UK - from greengrocers to clothes shops and newsagents to department stores.

Customers need a carrier bag to carry the products they've just purchased, so why not take the opportunity to turn that carrier into an advert?

Advertising via traditional methods - e.g. billboards, press, online - can cost a lot of money and has no guarantee of success. You need to choose carefully where your adverts are to be placed for them to have the most impact.

Printed carrier bagIf you are already spending money on carrier bags, then why not invest a little more and use those carriers as mobile advertising. It removes the headache of where to place your adverts as your customers take these adverts straight to the heart of your target market and display them to countless other potential customers in your local area.

Not only does it tell people that you are nearby, but a well-designed printed carrier bag shows that you are professional outfit and can really make you stand out from the crowd.

What's more, each printed carrier bag that you give away to your customers will serve as a reminder to that very customer every time they see the bag stored away at home, ready to use again.

Essential carrying item, mobile advertising and a nice reminder to your existing customers all in one. What more could you want?

Let new customers discover your brand

Using bespoke printed carrier bags to advertise your business will lead to more customers discovering your brand. As you're here on a website called Printed Carrier Bags, then we guess you know that already, or at least have learned as much from what you've read here. But don't just take our word for it; the research is there to back it up.

A report by strategic logistics partner Dotcom Distribution found that over a third (35%) of consumers have discovered a new retail brand after seeing their packaging being carried by a customer in public. In other words, carrier bags printed with your logo or company branding will be noticed and will lead to people finding out about your brand for the first.

The 2013 report, entitled 'Brown Boxes Don't Deliver for Brands' also revealed that retailers taking a strong interest in their packaging could see consumer interest in their brand increase by up to 30%.

So order your printed carrier bags today and reach out to those people out there waiting to be your next customer without even knowing it.

Source: 'Brown Boxes Don't Deliver for Brands' - Dotcom Distribution 2013 eCommerce Packaging Survey

Total branding with our other printed packaging

Printed mailing bag

If you're serious about your business and you want your customers to take you seriously too, then carrier bags aren't the only item of packaging that you can customise with your own design to take your packaging to the next level.

To extend your brand's reach and add an extra level of professionalism to your service, you can also design your very own customised mailing bags, guaranteed to make an instant and lasting first impression with your customers.

Custom mailing bags can be made to measure to exactly the type of bag you need. You might wish to display your company name, logo, colour scheme or branding. You can also add a sales message or advertising slogan, or include some useful information for the recipient, such as a return postal address to make your customers' life easier if they need to return any goods.

Imagine the reaction of your customer when a smart, snazzy and professional mailing bag lands on their doormat amongst a collection of plain brown and white envelopes. What a way to stand out and remember, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. Make sure the stand-out printed mailing bag is yours and you'll be onto a winner with that customer, who won't forget your company in a hurry!

But mailing bags and carrier bags are not the only way to impress your customers with bespoke packaging. If you're in the dry cleaning business, then having your own personalised carrier bags could extend to creating your own bespoke garment covers, with your logo, name and address so that everyone knows where those pristinely clean and pressed clothes have come from.